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Women's History Month

Women's history is near and dear to my heart because 1. I am a woman and 2. I love the "I am woman hear me roar" mantra. Women are the backbones of civilization and slowly but surely we are being recognized for it. As the saying goes behind every great man is an even greater woman.

We are the ones that bear the children, work a full day, take care of the kids, cook, clean, make home feel like a home, and also ensure that the man feels like a man when they go out in the world. Only a woman has the charisma and grace to do all that and look awesome doing it. Damn right we earned a whole month, as a matter of fact they need to give us years. No man famous or not would be where he is without an amazing woman NEXT to him. Whether it is a mother, sister, grandmother, cousin, aunt, or friend. They need us, just like we need them. This is a partnership. I'm happy we are being honored for our role in this partnership of the world.

Every day this month, I will post a fact about women's history. Highlighting the unsung heroes and pioneers on their contributions to society. Now, I do believe Susan B. Anthony was a great woman and well as Eleanor Roosevelt but their are others too. Our history does not start nor stop with them. Follow me on Instagram for the daily facts.

Felisha Whitlow (@queen_flwhitlow)

Also to celebrate our every day unsung heroes for Women's History month, I challenge you to honor that woman or women in your life that has influenced or inspired you. Give them their flowers now let them know how important you are to them now. They need you just like you need them.

Queen Fee

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