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The Dangers of Low Self-Esteem

Self-Esteem is one of the most important things you need to build and maintain. If not you will allow certain things in your life that is not for your greater good. For example, When your self esteem is low and you are feeling unlovable and you will start to entertain people that you would have never given a chance. Let me tell you a story, I was going through a divorce and my self-esteem was not where it should have been. I let this slithering snake in my life. He came in at the right time and caught me at the most vulnerable moment and got me. He led me on for 2 years. Two long years, he fed me lies and broken promises continuously. I asked myself why did I let this crap go on for so long? I was better than this. I was better than him. Then I realized it was me and my low self esteem. I allowed him to use me for his amusement and talk to me any kind of way because I felt unloved, unworthy, and I thought he was my last chance at love. Boy, was I wrong and delusional. I was none of those things. I finally, ended the relationship after 2 years and worked on my self for 5 years. I changed my diet. My diet included what I ate, what I watched, and what I allowed around me. I also made a commitment to hit the gym 5 to 6 days out the week. I attended counseling religiously to work on my hidden insecurities and how to love and argue correctly. I finished my degree as well. All this time, I built my pedigree aka my self-esteem. Then I noticed it bled into my work. I was more confident within myself and how I handled myself as a leader.

My self-esteem was at the core of my very existence. It is the backbone of me. How can I not ensure that my backbone is strong to withstand all that comes my way? When your self-esteem is low, your backbone is weak and you are not strong enough to stand against the winds that come to knock you down. Your self-esteem is your shield to protect you from the negativity and the bad vibes that try to rob you of your blessings. That is dangerous. It is dangerous for your self-esteem to be low, that means your protection is down, meaning you will accept anything. Now, my friends, I have explained to you the dangers of low self-esteem and shared a personal story in hopes this will help you build your self-esteem or to not let if fall to dangerous levels.



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