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The Beauty of "NO"

There has been plenty of times in my life where I wanted something so so bad and didn't get it. I would cry and holler "Why?" and "Its not fair." I really wanted that job or I really wanted that man and it didn't go the way that I wanted.

However, now that I am older and during my reflection time I realized the beauty of the NO.

I am so glad that I did not get the things or people that I wanted "so" bad. I imagine where would I be now? Would I have been able to accomplish the goals I have completed so far?

For every "NO" that I had gotten another door opened that brought me farther then if I would have gotten what I wanted. Now, isn't that something? Or, If I had gotten the man that I had to have I would have been miserable hating life wishing I was single once I saw his true self.

I am so glad the "NO" saved me from all that heartache. The "NO" also saved me from the wrong career path.

A few years ago, I wanted to switch careers and become a contractor. Well, I had an approved class date and on my way to my brand new career and all of a sudden I couldn't go. I couldn't be a contractor. I had to deploy again. I was upset. Distraught. Ready to retire out of the military because I did not get what wanted!! Fast forward to today. I am so glad I did not switch careers. I would have been miserable. Contracting is not for me at all. I have been appreciating that "NO" for a few years now.

There was a time I wanted this particular man so bad because I "thought" he was everything that I wanted. Fine, suave, had money, but not everything he was pretending to be. He ended up dating another young lady and I would think "why not me?" Well a year later, come to find out he was the biggest woman beater. He was beating her on the regular. I'm like, I dodged a bullet for real for real. I have been appreciating that "NO" for about 20 years now.

All that I am saying, don't fret about the "NO". Thank God for them, because you know that it wasn't meant for you and that is OK for you. You want what is for you and only you.


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