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Black Girl Magic Day!

Here I am bare face and all celebrating Black Girl Magic day in my shirt made by my home girl check out her amazon store.

Now let's think about this day....We have come so far as a people from 50 to 60 years ago but we have yet so far to go. We can not let go of this fire we have to continue to strive, break generational curses, and build generational wealth. However, we cannot or will not reach our full potential by holding onto things that no longer serve us. For example, relationships, jobs, and broken furniture (ha ha ha). Other examples are drinking or eating your problems away, showing up late to work. Not giving our all to ourselves. We have to let go of the habits that will not propel us into our best selves. Those habits include, tearing each other down and not being real with our fellow sisters, and being fake friends. We have to unite, build each other up. We need each other. Black girl magic to me means, walking in our own truth and helping our sisters see themselves for who they really are in all their power and glory. We must celebrate each other and mean it with our whole heart. Love each other, pray for each other, and be there for each other without without judgement. That is Black Girl Magic.

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