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6 Months in 2021

Its been 6 months into this new year, what have you accomplished? How have you grown?

We constantly read or watch different documentaries such as "the Secret" and "The Power of Now" saying yess that's it.... However, did you apply what you have learned? Did you put the steps in place or did you "fall back" in your old ways? Let me tell you, you can't do that. I know...Its hard, but change is hard. If it was easy than everybody would do it just like that. But, change is hard and not for the weak. It is for the strong which you are that, strong. Lets look at the year so far in my eyes.

January- I wrote down my list of goals to hit. 2 more books, a luxury car, and travel to a new place every month. Well, January, I went to Vegas. I had a blast. Improved my book club with added guests....Then caught COVID...

February- COVID had me cancel my Florida trip. I was out for the count for the month. I made up for it in March.

March- I beat COVID and I went to South Carolina and Florida. Visited my Dad, older brother and my friend in Florida. I also had a great conversation with a deep friend of mine to help me let go of the past that I had been subconsciously holding on too. So I a getting new furniture for the whole house. Didn't even realize I still had stuff from my marriage that was over 8 years ago!!!

April- I didn't travel this month, but I replaced the furniture in my living room and dining room.

May- My mom came this month to stay with me!! Yeah!! So we went to visit Kansas for the first time...picked up my traveling. I also finally pulled the trigger and bought the Peloton, new bedroom furniture for myself and my daughter. It will be a whole new house when we make this move next month.

I'm telling you this because I'm looking at all I have accomplished despite what was thrown on me. Its been rough this month, but I relied on what I have been reading and taking steps back and recognizing the negative thoughts, identifying the root cause, and removing the root. While pushing to complete my goals. I haven't finished the second book yet, because I am continuously learning and growing as a leader and want to capture the good, the bad and the ugly. I'm still getting the luxury car, but I'm pushing it back for another year. I have decided on a Tesla or the Cadillac Lyriq. (O:

The year is half way over but not done. You still have time to hit those goals and apply what you are learning to grow and evolve into your purpose.